5 reasons why you might consider breast reduction surgery

22 February 2019

Breast reduction surgery is still mainly recognised as a cosmetic surgical procedure, but unlike breast augmentation, can actually be performed on the NHS for a variety of health-related reasons.

There are many reasons why women may consider breast reduction, most of which steer towards the wellbeing benefits it might bring in the long term, and to ease a range of uncomfortable health problems.

Here are 5 reasons why you might consider breast reduction surgery.

1. Weight loss

If you’ve recently lost weight, you may feel that your breasts are no longer in proportion with your new dress size. This might make it more difficult to dress to your new size and a breast reduction could help with making you feel more comfortable and in proportion.

There can also be excess skin from your slimming, causing a sagging or drooping effect on your breasts that could be remedied with a slight size decrease and tightening of the skin around the affected area.

2. Male breast reduction

Although it is more common for women to request breast reduction surgery, some men may opt for the procedure. Again, in cases of extreme weight loss in men, or too much fatty tissue build-up, the procedure may be considered.

With the above in mind, if you have lost a significant amount of weight but have still retained weight in your breast tissue, you may consider breast reduction surgery to remove any excess tissue that is difficult to lose the natural way.

3. Comfort

Of the most common problems associated with larger breasts, physical discomfort ranks among the highest reasons to consider breast reduction surgery.

Many women complain of intense back and neck problems as they get older, due to the weight of their breasts causing problems with their ability to carry the weight. It can also affect posture, which again could lead to many health issues and discomfort later in life.

4. Low self-esteem

In some women, having large breasts can be the cause of very low self-esteem and depression, and therefore reduction surgery might be an option to consider to feel less self-conscious about their body.

The areola can also be reduced in size during the procedure to be in better proportion with your new size.

5. Limited ability to do activities

Although specialist sports bras are becoming even more innovative and supportive for women with larger breasts, for some women, it just doesn’t help as much as they’d like. This can result in discomfort when trying to get fit and healthy.

There may be certain physical sports that you can no longer attempt to take part in, or would like to get involved in but feel your breast size makes that impractical. If that’s the case, you might consider breast reduction surgery.

Wrapping up

The NHS, in some cases, may offer breast reduction as a result of a combination of the above factors. But we can perform breast reduction surgery here at Skin Scar Clinic. Book a consultation to discuss any more questions you have about breast reduction surgery.

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