Common myths about breast augmentation

16 December 2018

Breast augmentation remains a common cosmetic procedure, allowing women to safely alter the size and shape of their breasts at an affordable cost.

Although we acknowledge that breast augmentation is not for everyone, there are several myths that can inaccurately inform a person’s decision, or likewise put someone off having the procedure.

Here are four common myths about breast augmentation, and what you should be aware of before considering the procedure.

1. “Breast augmentation is only for women with a small cup size”

Many people consider breast augmentation because they’re unhappy with the size of their breasts and feel that an enlargement will better compliment or enhance their body. But you may be surprised to know that not all women who undergo breast augmentation have a naturally smaller cup size.

Some women with a naturally larger bust have breast augmentation to lift or alter the shape of their breasts, with little enhancement to their natural size.

2. “You can’t breastfeed once you have breast implants”

This myth may prevent many young women who may wish to breastfeed from having breast augmentation before they have children.

Although the shape and size of breast tissue may change during pregnancy, many studies have been conducted surrounding breast feeding and augmentation which have revealed there are no inherent risks to the mother or baby that can be linked to breast augmentation procedures.

Let us know during your consultation if this is a priority or concern for you and we will provide you with more information and guidance.

3. “Your breasts will look and feel fake”

Celebrities and glamour models have helped create the misconception that breasts always look and feel fake after an augmentation procedure.

The size and shape you would like your breasts to be depends on how realistic they look when compared to the rest of your body’s shape.

Most women opt for a modest enhancement that suits their shape, with many people surprised to discover someone has undergone breast augmentation because of their natural look.

Your surgeon should be trained to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved and will always recommend a procedure that results in a natural-looking aesthetic.

4. “You can choose any breast size”

Again, your surgeon will assess both your body type and natural cup size and recommend sizes and shapes accordingly. The saying goes that breast surgeons want to ‘enhance, not overwhelm’ the bust area.

If you are naturally slender with a smaller bust, your surgeon will always recommend an enhancement that will suit your body type and still appear natural. Otherwise, you risk the edges of the implants being visible from certain angles of the breast or, in rare cases, causing damage to your breasts.

Wrapping up

We hope that by debunking these various myths about breast augmentation, you will be better informed about the procedure before you consider undertaking it for yourself.

Arrange a consultation with one of our surgeons today to get more information on breast augmentation.

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