How male cosmetic surgery has changed

28 January 2020

A common misconception is that cosmetic surgery is an exclusively female business. The simple fact is, the number of men ‘going under the knife’ has increased by 110% in 20 years.

With the rise of perfectly groomed male reality TV stars appealing to men when it comes to appearance, or a generally more accepting society when it comes to talking openly about our perceived flaws, here’s how male cosmetic surgery has changed.

1. Why has male cosmetic surgery taken off?

Selfie culture, social media and reality television mean that cosmetic surgery is definitely on the rise through the spread of influencers and celebrities, but has this really resulted in male cosmetic surgery becoming more popular?

In recent years, we’ve certainly noticed an upturn in the number of guys deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery.

It should be seen as a positive sign that the stigma when it comes to men wanting cosmetic procedures has waned in recent times.

2. Why has male cosmetic surgery become more popular?

There are a number of reasons why male cosmetic surgery has become more popular over the years. Generally speaking, there is a decreased stigma in men choosing to cosmetically enhance their appearance, and the rise of male celebrities and reality stars being open about the work they’ve had done is helping to lead this movement.

Men, as well as women, should feel comfortable in taking pride in how they look and should not be afraid to express themselves.

Another reason why male cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular is due to the modernisation of certain procedures that were otherwise more risky to men. Facelifts, breast reduction and eyelid surgery are known to have usually left more visible scars for men than for women. Now, this is not the case, with advancements in technology and techniques.

3. What are the most common male cosmetic procedures available?

Liposuction and tummy tuck

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and involves sucking stubborn excess fat from certain areas of the body that may be tough to lose naturally.

For men that have made a healthy lifestyle choice but are left with excess skin from a time when they were larger, a tummy tuck can be the slight boost needed to make it feel worth the effort.

Male breast reduction surgery

Although liposuction remains the most popular cosmetic procedure for men shedding excess weight, breast reduction surgery is the fastest-growing procedure and is becoming more of the norm for men to go under the knife for.

According to Baaps (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), breast reduction is the main cosmetic procedure that has seen an increasing number of male patients over the last two decades.

Prior to recent technological advancements, breast reduction surgery in men could leave visible scarring but since the procedure has become less invasive (it is commonly performed via the armpits), there is less scarring and it is, therefore, a more appealing procedure.

Rhinoplasty and nose reconstruction

Having a nose that’s slightly out of proportion with a weaker jawline, or a visible break can be a big problem for some.

Having a slight reduction or corrective surgery to a broken/deviated septum can also have hidden health benefits for easier breathing when working out in the gym or sleeping.

Wrapping up

Male cosmetic surgery has increased year-on-year and is now more popular than ever. It’s undeniable that personal happiness in your outward appearance can be a confidence boost.

Whether it’s a slight enhancement to natural appearance or ‘correction’ of a personally undesirable feature, men are more likely than ever to undergo surgical procedures.

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