The simple guide to cosmetic surgery

19 December 2019

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that enhances the patient’s appearance by modifying personally undesirable areas on the body. While you can choose to have cosmetic surgery on most areas of the body, there are a number of procedures that are more common and popular than others, and different cosmetic surgery procedures are popular between men and women.

This blog looks a little more in-depth into what cosmetic surgery is, how it differs from plastic surgery and some of the most common types available to patients in the UK.

What is the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Most of us would assume that the terms plastic and cosmetic surgery are interchangeable. They are, in fact, different. Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery.

The NHS describes plastic surgery as a surgical procedure that, ‘repairs and reconstructs missing or damaged tissue and skin’, while cosmetic surgery primarily deals with patients who wish to enhance their physical attributes where no pre-existing health condition or birth defect existed.

For example, while plastic surgery might be used to correct or repair conditions such as cleft lip palate, extensive burns or cancerous tissue, cosmetic surgery might include some of the following procedures...

Cosmetic surgery for breasts

Breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. It involves inserting either silicone or saline implants into the breasts to modify their size and shape to the patient's desired size.

However, breast augmentation can also be achieved with a procedure known as ‘fat transfer’ which uses the patient's own tissue to enlarge the breast, reducing the risk of ‘foreign body reaction’, a rare side effect of implants.

A breast reduction is another common procedure in which patients prefer to reduce the appearance of their breasts by removing tissue. Both males and females may choose breast reduction due to weight loss or insecurities about their appearance.

Cosmetic surgery for the face

Some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures for the face include blepharoplasty and nose reshaping.

Blepharoplasty is the term for eye bag removal and involves removing loose and aging skin from the upper and lower eye area. The desired effect is to enhance the patient’s youthful appearance, taking away signs of premature aging.

Nose reshaping is a procedure that alters the size and shape of the nose, or in some cases, correct issues relating to breathing such as a deviated septum.

Cosmetic surgery for other areas of the body

Liposuction is another very common cosmetic procedure. You can choose to have liposuction on any area of your body to help achieve your ideal weight goal. The procedure is carried out via a tube that sucks out the excess fat from under the skin. Surgeons advise that liposuction should not be considered a replacement to weight loss through healthy eating and exercise.

An abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a ‘tummy-tuck’ is for patients who have excess skin around their stomach and waist area due to weight loss or pregnancy.

Wrapping up

We hope to have informed you on what cosmetic surgery is, and the types of treatments that are available.

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