Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer (sometimes referred to as ‘lipofilling’) has been used as a breast implant technique for over 100 years. At SKINSCAR Clinic, we can provide fat transfer to breast surgery, combined with liposuction.

Why you might choose fat transfer over breast implants?

The standard procedure for breast augmentation is still silicone implants, but these can sometimes lead to ‘foreign body reaction’, where hardness and a capsule forms around the implant, distorting the breast. Although rare, if you have thin skin, this can leave the outer shell of the implant visible. Fat transfer instead relies on your own tissue, rather than a foreign implant, and thanks to advancements in the surgery, we’re able to undertake these operations safely and affordably for most patients. Fat transfer might be a safe way to enlarge your breasts, if you have doubts about implants or have a medical condition which prevents you from having them.

Who is best suited to fat transfer?

Fat transfer to breast best suits women who want to increase their bust by one cup size. It is also sometimes undertaken for women who have had ‘conservative’ breast cancer surgery and people who require fullness in the upper pole of the breast.

How does fat transfer work?

We will start by consulting with you to find out what your goals are for breast enlargement and advise on the best course of treatment. You may also need to be screened by mammogram and ultrasound before any surgery is undertaken (these may be required after the surgery for several years, too). If everything is ok and the surgery deemed both effective and safe for your body, the procedure will be undertaken with liposuction to remove fat from one part of your body. This will typically be your tummy, thighs or flanks (sometimes referred to as ‘love handles’). Our surgeon will first select the best donor site on your body and use a special liposuction method to remove some of the fat. We then use a device called a cannula to carefully inject hundreds of very small fat droplets into your breast. This method prevents the destruction of living fat cells within your donor site and ensures they don’t die when transferred to your breast.


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