Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation

At the SKINSCAR clinic, we provide breast augmentation surgery you can rely on to provide the enlargement you need safely and affordably.

Breast augmentation isn’t for everyone and can result in health complications for some patients. It’s therefore vital you read the following guidance if you’re considering breast enlargement via this method.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is where we use an implant filled with silicone or physiological saline (a solution that contains salt at the same concentration as that in your body) to enlarge the breast.

Augmentation of the breast is a common and safe operation, but there are some instances where we may recommend enlargement via fat from another part of your body.

The SKINSCAR clinic patients leave our surgery happy with their breast augmentation, but before you decide to have it done, it’s important you understand what is and isn’t possible and what it might mean for you in the future.

Why do women have breast augmentation surgery?

People usually have breast augmentation to improve the shape of their breasts and make them larger.

If you’re considering the procedure, it might be because you have smaller breasts than you’d like. They may also have begun to droop with age or after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. Although breast augmentation won’t completely fix any drooping you may have, it will vastly improve the shape of your bust.

Some women also visit our clinic because they have one breast much bigger than the other, and augmentation can help address the balance to make them more evenly sized.

If your breasts are droopy but the right size, we might recommend that you have an uplift operation instead, which won’t involve an implant. This surgery is known as mastoplexy.

What happens before my operation?

We’ll first meet with you to talk about why you want the surgery and exactly what outcome you desire. We’ll make note of any illnesses you currently have or have had in the past and any medication you’re currently taking.

Our surgeon will then examine your breasts and may ask you to sign a consent form so that we can take photos for medical records. You are more than welcome (and we encourage it) to have someone with you during the examination.

We’ll take a look at the size of your ribcage and check how firm your skin is before discussing which implant is best suited. We can’t promise an exact cup size, only within a range.

We may also need to measure your height and record your weight to ensure it’s safe to carry out an operation. If you’re planning on becoming pregnant or are overweight, we may suggest delaying the operation.

How we perform breast augmentation?

The implants we use are normally placed either behind the breast or behind the muscle the breast rests on.

We prefer to place the implant behind the breast in most cases, but for slim women, we may recommend that it’s placed on the muscle to provide more padding. We’ll always discuss with you which option is best.

Our surgeon will usually insert the implant through a cut in the crease under your breast, but we may decide to do so via a cut in your armpit or around the areola.

About our implants

The implants we use are made of either silicone or polyurethane and contain a centre filled with either silicone gel or saline. Silicone typically feels more natural and come in different shapes.

Our breast implants usually last ten years but can last less or more. They can be round (fuller at the top of the breast) or teardrop-shaped (the width and height are chosen separately). You’ll also have the opportunity to choose how much the implant sticks out, but our surgeon will discuss the shape that best suits you.

Is silicone safe?

Medical silicone is used safely in lots of procedures and devices, and breast implants are no different.

Breast augmentations isn’t linked with any form of cancer, and instances of a condition called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) are extremely rare.

Over time, you may find that silicone leaks from the implant. This won’t cause you ill health but might result in minor pain or lumpiness. If this happens, we recommend revisiting us for an examination.


What should I do before the operation?

We ask that our patients maintain their weight with a steady diet (we can recommend how to do this) and regular exercise.

If you smoke, you’ll need to stop at least 6 weeks before the operation to avoid complications. There’s no need to remove hair where the cuts will be made, but we do ask that you take a shower or bath 24 hours before the operation to ensure the area is as clean as possible.

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