Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

At SKINSCAR Clinic, we provide breast reduction surgery you can rely on to be safe and affordable. This procedure isn’t for everyone, however, which is why we recommend you read the following guidance thoroughly.

What is breast reduction surgery?

The breast reduction surgery we perform is an operation that makes breasts smaller. We do this by taking away fat, breast tissue and skin. The nipples are also lifted, and breast reshaped to form smaller breasts.

Why do people have breast reduction?

Our patients usually have breast reduction to make their breasts smaller and improve their shape. If you’re considering a reduction, it might be because your breasts are larger than you’d like them to be. Similarly, if they currently cause back pain or create shoulder grooves from bra straps, breast reduction might be a great solution. Women also visit us to discuss breast reduction when they feel self-conscious about their larger breasts or find it difficult to enjoy sport or wear particular clothes. If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts, having them reduced can make them feel smaller, more comfortable and higher. The same goes if you have one larger than the other; breast reduction can even them out safely for you.

What happens before my operation?

We’ll start by meeting with you to discuss the surgery and find out what you’d like the end result to be. We’ll make note of past and present illnesses and any medication you might be on. We’ll ask you to sign a consent form if you’re happy for us to examine your breasts. You’re more than welcome to bring someone along with you during the consultation if that makes you feel more comfortable, as we may ask to take photographs for medical purposes. We may also take a note of your height and weight to make sure it’s safe to undertake an operation. If you’re planning on pregnancy or are overweight, we may suggest that the operation is delayed.

How is breast reduction performed?

We start by lifting the nipple into a new position. During this process, it remains attached on a stalk of the tissue, before extra skin and breast tissue is cut away. That which is left is then reshaped into a smaller, higher breast before the nipple is put back in place. There are a few different types of reduction we can perform, depending on the size of your breasts and how much reduction you would like:

•    Anchor-type or inverted-T reduction: the most common type of reduction where the cut starts around the nipple and travels down under the breast (in some instances, we may need to remove the nipple completely and move to a new position - it will not feel normal after this procedure)
•    Vertical-pattern reduction: the same as the inverted-T, but without the cut underneath the breast (not suitable for very large breasts)
•    Circumareolar reduction: best used when a small amount of tissue needs to be removed, and only leaves a scar around the areola

What should I do before my operation?

To help your operation be a success, we simply ask that you maintain a steady weight, and if you smoke, to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before the operation. You won’t need to shave any hair away, but we will ask that you take a bath or shower with 24 hours of the operation to ensure the area is as clean as possible.


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