Skin lesion removal

Skin lesion removal is when a skin tag, mole or wart is removed from your body. This sometimes involves having it frozen off, cut out or removed with laser or light therapy.

Skin growths of this kind are normally harmless and probably don’t need to be removed, but some people have them taken out because they make them feel self-conscious or simply because they’re an irritant.

If there is ever any doubt about a skin lesion, it is sensible and safe to have it removed.

What are the tips of skin lesion?

Skin lesions are simply areas of the skin that haven’t grown normally; they look different to the skin that surrounds them. Most are benign, and include the following most common types:

  • Mole: dark-coloured, small growths which normally make their first appearance during your childhood.
  • Dermatofibroma: these are raised growths which might be red, purple or brown in colour and often result from insect bites.
  • Skin tags: small bumps on your skin that are flesh-coloured. Skin tags are very common and are most likely to form where skin rubs against itself.
  • Warts: rough, small lumps that normally form after an infection. 

Should I have my skin lesion removed?

It’s best to chat to your GP to be sure, but if there’s ever any suspicion about a skin lesion, it should always be removed.

Some benign skin lesions are confusingly similar to signs of skin cancer, therefore the only sure way to find out whether it is cancer is to have it safely removed and sent for testing.

If your skin lesion doesn’t show any signs of being cancerous, it doesn’t need to be removed. If you want to have it removed for personal reasons, you have every right to, and that’s when you’ll need to consult with a trained surgeon.

How are skin lesions removed?

Skin lesion removal is generally relatively painless and a safe, common type of surgery.

Most can be cut out, treated with cream or frozen off, while some are best destroyed with laser, heat or light therapy. Your surgeon will discuss with you the best method for your skin lesion.

A complete excision is when the entire skin lesion is cut out and removed. This is the most common way to remove a lesion if it is potentially deemed to be cancerous. This will be carried out under a local anaesthetic with a surgical blade. It’s likely that a margin of your normal skin around the lesion will also be removed, therefore a small scar may be present afterwards.

Some lesions are partially removed (otherwise known as a ‘shave biopsy’). This technique literally shaves off lesions that stick out from the skin and leaves the lesion level with that of the surrounding skin.

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