Skin and Scar Treatments from SKINSCAR Clinic throughout Cambridgeshire

Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Skin Surgery Treatments available from SKINSCAR Clinic

SKINSCAR Clinic is a specialist skin clinic with expertise in dermatology and plastic surgery and with locations in Cambridgeshire and on Harley Street, London.  SKINSCAR Clinic offer a range of skin and scar treatments from straight forward mole removal through to investigation and treatment of skin cancer.

SKINSCAR Clinic also offer specialist scar improvement and skin cancer procedures.  Please take a look below at the range of skin treatments available.

Skin Surgery

SKINSCAR Clinic offers the most reliable and cosmetic techniques for the surgical treatment of all forms of skin ‘lumps and bumps’.

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Skin cancer

SKINSCAR Clinic offers early recognition and rapid treatment of all forms of skin cancer. We can also carry out skin checks and skin cancer screening for you.

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Scar improvement

There’s no need to accept scars which cause cosmetic upset. SKINSCAR Clinic will formulate a bespoke treatment plan which will aim to improve your scars and encourage them to fade away.

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A skin check is a routine skin examination by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who will visually inspect the skin for any unusual moles, lesions or skin change which may indicate skin cancer or any other skin problems.  

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