Skin Surgery

Mole removal, Cyst removal, Lipoma removal, Skin Tag removal and Wart removal

Skin Surgery in Cambridgeshire

SKINSCAR Clinic offer a range of skin surgery treatments from our two locations in Cambridgeshire and also our clinic located on Harley Street, London.

Please see below information on all our skin surgery treatments.

Mole Removal

Moles are pigmented skin lesions of variable appearance. They are very common, can occur all over the body and while usually of no medical significance, moles sometimes can be a sign of skin cancer . For the majority of people wanting their moles removed it is for cosmetic reasons. And it is for this reason that mole removal is a very common procedure at SKINSCAR Clinic.

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Cyst Removal

A cyst is a soft tissue swelling that usually appears as a small, painless bump. While generally harmless, a cyst can become painful if infected. Cysts are frequently in visible areas, such as the face, and therefore can be aesthetically troublesome which is why cyst removal is a common procedure performed at SKINSCAR Clinic.

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Lipoma Removal

Lipomas are very common and usually harmless lumps beneath the skin. Around one in one-hundred people develop lipomas, making them a common skin lesion. Although usually harmless, you may want to remove a lipoma if it is a a cosmetic concern. Thankfully, the removal process is generally very simple.

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Skin Tag Removal

A skin tag is a small and usually flesh coloured growth which appears on the skin. While skin tags present no medical threat, people often choose to have them removed either because of discomfort or for cosmetic reasons.

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Wart / Verruca Removal

Warts are small lumps that often develop on the skin of the hands and feet as well as other parts of the body.
They can vary in appearance and may develop singly or in clusters.

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