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Skin Cancer Screening

Mr Abood offers a skin cancer screening service, involving a comprehensive assessment for those patients with moles that they are concerned about. He will examine all of your skin, not just skin lesions that may be concerning. The appointment includes an assessment of risk factors and a full cutaneous examination of your skin with a dermatoscope. Any areas or specific lesions of concern will be documented and discussed with you. If needed, Mr Abood has a fully equipped minor operating theatre available to carry out a biopsy there and then.

Part of the appointment will focus on educating you about the early warning signs of skin cancer and how to protect your skin from it. Following your consultation you will receive a detailed report.

To assess change over time, six-monthly or annual skin cancer screening appointments are recommended.


What is skin cancer screening?

Detecting the early signs of skin cancer isn’t easy and almost certainly not possible with the naked eye. This is why skin cancer screening is one of the best and most accurate ways to test people for the early stages of the disease.

Our skin cancer screening process can pick up early stages of skin cancer before you even experience any symptoms. It should be noted that screen cancer screening can never be 100% accurate, and at SKINSCAR Clinic, we live by the guidelines for screening, as set out by Cancer Research UK. This means our screening service always aims for the best, most accurate results by:

  • picking up symptoms simply and quickly;
  • being reliable;
  • avoiding false positive results (i.e. showing you have cancer when you don’t); and
  • not causing any harm.

Why is screen cancer screening necessary?

Skin cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer, and affects people of all ages. There are several different types of the disease, too, ranging from melanoma (the most deadly) to actinic keratoses.

If you have melanoma skin cancer, early detection before it spreads is vital in achieving a high cure rate. This is why regular skin exams and a yearly examination by a clinic are really important and will help identify those crucial early signs of this disease. Screening remains the best way to do this, beyond your own personal checks.

Looking for signs of cancer before having screening

There are some basic checks you can do yourself to hunt for early signs of skin cancer before you visit our clinic.

It’s important to bear in mind that most non-melanoma skin cancers tend to develop more commonly on skin that’s exposed to the sun. To spot the early signs of the disease, it’s therefore important to know how your skin normally looks in order to notice any changes that take place.

If you regularly work outside or spend extended periods of time in the sun during recreational activities, these checks become all the more important. Ask a close friend, partner or family member to check areas that are harder for you to assess, such as your back.

Look specifically for spots that don’t heal within a month, or those that are itchy, scab over or bleed for longer than a month. If you’re at all unsure, always consult your doctor or visit our clinic for a professional opinion.

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