Cyst Removal

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Cyst Removal in Cambridgeshire

Cyst is a soft tissue swelling that usually appears as a small, painless bump. While generally harmless, a cyst can become painful if infected. Cysts are frequently in visible areas, such as the face, and  therefore can be aesthetically troublesome which is why cyst removal is a common procedure performed at SKINSCAR Clinic.

What is a cyst?

A cyst is a fluid filled ‘sac’ which lies within or just underneath the skin surface.They usually present as a raised lump. Although most are completely painless, some can become infected, inflamed, red and very painful to the touch.

Types of cyst

Most cysts contain fluid or semi-solid material, and although they can appear anywhere on the body, they can be found most frequently in the skin of the head and neck areas. The most common is called a sebaceous or epidermoid cyst.

What causes cysts?

Their exact cause is unknown but is thought to be related to a ‘blockage’ in the sebaceous or oil secreting glands of the skin. Cysts  most commonly appear on the head and neck areas but can occur elsewhere on the body. Wherever they occur, the approach to cyst removal is generally the same.

How do we remove cysts?

Cyst removal at SKINSCAR Clinic is performed under a local anaesthetic and typically carried out via surgical excision. This involves a small incision over the cyst  which allows it  to be removed safely and with minor scarring.

What happens after cyst removal?

You will be left with a small scar following cyst removal. This will generally fade over time and Mr Abood will advise you on the best way to look after the scar which will encourage it to do this.

Once the cyst has been removed, it is unlikely that it will return , however and as with any surgical procedure, cyst excision may result in usually minor and uncommon side effects, such as wound infection and slight bleeding following the cyst removal procedure.

Say goodbye to unwelcome cysts

Although cysts are benign lesions, they can appear anywhere on both the body and the face, and some people find that they affect their self-esteem.

Cysts can be uncomfortable, too. They normally contain trapped skin secretions which, in certain circumstances, can become infected. If you visit SKINSCAR Clinic, we’ll inspect your cyst before undertaking any form of treatment in order to ascertain the best route forward.

If you want to say goodbye to an unwanted cyst, you’ll be glad to hear that most can be removed in a single session of treatment.

Are there risks with cyst removal?

The process of removing a cyst is safe and carries very few risks. Despite this, each case can be different, depending on your age and any health issues you may be experiencing or have previously experienced.

The risks also vary depending on the type of treatment you undertake. As with all of our treatments, we will discuss every possible risk with you, based on your individual circumstances and before any surgery is undertaken.

Some fascinating cyst facts

We’ve spent many years treating cysts at SKINSCAR Clinic. Here’s some of the most fascinating facts about these benign lesions:

  • The root cause of cysts can vary, from infections, to genetics
  • Risk factors for cysts vary depending on the underlying cause of the formation of the lesion
  • Many cysts don’t require treatment at all, and removal is often a personal decision
  • There are a few cysts that contain malignant cells, but the prognosis for most cysts is actually very good
  • Cysts generally aren’t preventable
  • Most systems don’t have any kind of symptoms, but some can be painful - particularly if they’re located in palpable organs and felt as lumps or bumps

Can I have cyst removal on the NHS?

If the lesion you have is considered to be suspicious when seen by the NHS or a consultant, it will probably be removed by the NHS.

However, because most cysts are benign and the need for removal cosmetic, it’s advisable to have the procedure undertaken privately, because the NHS are unlikely to fund the treatment.

The procedure

You’ll be glad to hear that skin cyst removal is a pretty straightforward procedure. The removal is carried out under local anaesthetic, during which we open the skin, isolate the cyst and either remove it completely or in stages (depending on the type of cyst).

If the cyst is removed in one piece, it’s unlikely it’ll return, but some that are removed in stages may reappear at some stage. 

Once finished, the skin is closed up safely with stitches. Due to the nature of the procedure, you can still drive and live a normal life while recovering.

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