Skin Tag Removal

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Skin Tag Removal in Cambridgeshire

At SKINSCAR Clinic we provide a safe and professional approach to the removal of skin tags backed by significant medical and plastic surgery experience.

What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a small and usually flesh coloured growth which appears on the skin. While skin tags present no medical threat, people often choose to have them removed either because of discomfort or for cosmetic reasons.
If you find a skin tag on your body, you have something that is very common; skin tags are most often found in the armpits, around the neck or groin areas and around the eyes.

The cause of skin tags

The cause of skin tags is not fully understood, but most experts believe human papillomavirus (HPV), metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance play a role in their appearance. It’s estimated that half the UK population will get a skin tag at some point in their lives.

Why visit us for skin tag removal in Cambridge?

While it might be tempting to carry our skin tag removal yourself at home, we strongly advise against it. Mr Abood possesses many years of medical experience that enable him to ensure skin tags are removed safely and with limited scarring.
Even if you have a small skin tag, we highly recommend seeking the advice of a professional. This is particularly the case when skin tags appear in highly sensitive areas such as eyelids or genitalia.
For many, skin tags are a source of social discomfort, but they can also be painful and physically uncomfortable. Some have a ‘pedicle’ which is a stalk-like extrusion that sticks out from the skin and can get caught on clothing. There is also the risk of accidentally shaving skin tags, which will result in bleeding and potential scarring.


How we treat skin tags

Skin tags are not malignant or contagious, but should ideally be removed to avoid further discomfort. Most skin tags can simply be cut off with surgical scissors, or treated via laser to prevent growth.

Some skin tags may need to be surgically removed under local anaesthetic or frozen off. At the SKINSCAR Clinic, we’ll offer a range of options for the removal of your skin tag.

Your skin tag removal consultation

During your consultation with Mr Abood, your growth will be examined to confirm that it is indeed a skin tag. The best skin tag removal option will then be discussed, along with any potential alternatives.

Mr Abood will cover the following topics with you during your skin tag consultation:

• When the skin tag first appeared and whether it is still growing
• Is the skin tag causing you pain?
• Whether or not you’ve had cancerous skin growths in the past
• Your preference for pain relief during the procedure
• Your lifestyle and how it might affect the removal and healing process
• How to prevent the re-emergence of skin tags

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