Skin Tag Removal Procedure

Will it hurt to have my skin tag removed?

Skin tag removal is a safe and relatively straightforward procedure which results in little discomfort or pain for the patient.
The procedure is undertaken via local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any significant pain during the removal. Afterwards, the area from which the tag was removed might be a little tender for a few days, and we always recommend covering it.

Is it safe to have a skin tag removed?

Absolutely. Skin tag removal is a common procedure at SKINSCAR Clinic and we work to protocols that ensure regulatory compliance and the best possible care for our patients.
If you’re unsure about having a skin tag removed because you’re worried about the dangers of the procedure, you need worry no more!

Will the NHS remove my skin tag?

It’s unlikely. Unless your doctor has referred you to the hospital because they’re concerned about the skin tag and its impact on your health, removal is generally considered by the NHS to be a cosmetic procedure.

What’s the result like, and will it grow back?

Skin tag removal is usually very successful, and the entire tag will vanish from your body. All that will be left is a small white scar where we removed the tag.
Skin tags can’t grow back, but other skin tags can form anywhere on your body.

Where do skin tags come from?

Anyone can develop skin tags anywhere on their body. They’re often mistaken for warts, but are usually found on areas of the body where skin continually rubs against itself.
They’re not linked to any form of disease or condition, and can arrive at any age.

Skin tag removal: during and after

Because the skin tag removal procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, you’ll experience very little or no discomfort. This painless treatment is quick, too. If you choose laser treatment, there might be slight discomfort, but this is likely to be very mild.
Once the skin tag has been removed, you’ll notice a small white scar where it once was. Apart from that, there are very rarely any complications related to skin tag removal, therefore you can return home immediately and get on with your life without modifying it at all.
As with any procedure, skin tag removal can vary from person to person in terms of its suitability and potential aftereffects. That’s why we recommend a full consultation with our team before undertaking any form of skin tag removal.

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