What to ask your surgeon before undergoing skin surgery

21 September 2018

Depending on the nature of, or reason for any upcoming surgical procedure on your skin, you may have a number of questions or concerns that only your surgeon, as a medical professional, can answer.

Although many online resources will attempt to answer any queries, being able to determine what sort of medical advice is scare-mongering as opposed to practical and genuine is often difficult.

You may feel better, in that case, directing any concerns or uncertainties to the specific surgeon who will be undertaking your procedure.

Paying attention to the following examples (even if you do not have any questions at present) will give you the heads up on what you should be asking your surgeon prior to skin surgery.

1. What is the success rate of my procedure?

Whether you’d like to know the success rate of the skin procedure you’re undertaking, or you’d like a bit more information on the surgeon’s particular success rate, asking them directly will put you at ease.

2. What are the potential side effects and risks?

With all surgical procedures, there can be unexpected complications.

While these are very rare, it’s always good to be mentally prepared for what may lie ahead.

3. How long is the healing time?

Understanding how long the surgical procedure will take is one thing but understanding how long it may take to heal or recover is another.

Make sure you have spoken with your surgeon about the usual recovery time to ensure you can plan sufficient time away from work or other duties.

You should also familiarise yourself with any aftercare information, as advised by your surgeon and GP. Again, this will ensure that you don’t unknowingly delay your recovery time or put yourself under any health risks.

4. Should I avoid any activities?

You might need to avoid sports or other recreational activities for a time after your procedure. It’s also worth understanding whether any scar tissue or areas affected by your treatment need extra protection from UV rays, so ask your surgeon about a suitable SPF cream.

5. How much will my procedure cost?

It’s important to know in advance how much the procedure will cost in total to ensure you’re not hit with any unexpected charges.

Always be informed – the NHS recommend that you ensure the hospital and its surgeons are GMC registered - that way you can be assured that they are qualified before agreeing to any procedures or costs.

The top tip here, is to not be scared to ask questions. If you feel intimidated by the prospect of asking a question that may seem silly, or to which you fear the answer, it’s always best to voice any concerns to your surgeon, to put your mind at rest and make you feel at ease prior to the procedure.

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